Royal Candy pouches 80 gms Pack of 10 + 2 Neon Paint <100GM Each>

Rs. 640.00

The best and most premium Neon Holi Colours Combo!

It contains
- Royal Candy Pouches (Pack of 10)
- Neon Body Paint (2)

'Play the Safest Holi ever' because our colours are -


Our colours are made by using natural ingredients such as talc powder and non-toxic pigments that are safe for your overall well-being.

Our colours are 100% natural and certified to be safe for your skin. Sensitive skin? The use of our colours won't cause any skin irritation or redness!

Our colours are certified to be free from any harmful metals that may cause damage to your health.

Our colours don't leave behind any stains on the clothes; they are easily washable.

Whether you are hosting the party or going to one, buy it for yourself or gift it to someone, this is the ULTIMATE HOLI COLOURS COMBO!

- Royal Talc powder, non-toxic pigments, fragrance & glitter - Neon Aqua, Neon pigments, Mineral oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose

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Why Jhilmil?

We bring in the change that breaks the chain of monotony! Jhilmil lets you relive the traditions in their purest form. These colours are 100% natural and organic, aiming to bring true colours to your life by bringing the best. When you choose Jhilmil, you are making a reliable, natural, and sustainable choice!

VERSATILITY! Jhilmil can blend into every celebration and every relationship!
From weddings, photoshoots, maternity shoots or gender reveal, marathons, religious events, concerts, and theatre performances. The list is endless because Jhilmil adds its vibrancy to every event!

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