The Idea Behind Jhilmil Colours: A Father’s Unconditional Love For His Daughter

Father-daughter is one of the sweetest and most powerful relationships in existence. The father-daughter bond is eternal and one-of-a-kind. Every father has their own way to show their endless, unconditional love and make the world a much better place! 

Commonly, a father expresses his love for his daughter through simple or luxurious gifts on any occasion, or shows his affection through acts of kindness like bringing a cup of tea in the morning or rubbing her back when she is not feeling well, or provides advice to help her make the right decision in her life. 

But, would you believe that a father invented an organic Holi colour brand to ensure a safe yet bright and colourful Holi celebration for his daughter? 

Continue reading and know the exciting story behind the invention of an organic Holi colour brand in India- Jhilmil Colours! 

Jhilmil Colours: An Example A Father’s Rare Gift Of Love And Care

Holi- An auspicious festival that marks the arrival of spring. In India Holi is one of the oldest festivals, celebrated as a sign of love and peace. For thousands of years people from east to west and north to south have marked this festival by playing with colourful powders and water. 

Like many people in India, a little girl from Surat celebrated Holi with synthetic Holi colours that contained numerous harmful chemicals. Seeing that her father got anxious, he thought of the hazardous impact of the synthetic or chemical colours on his daughter’s skin as well as her overall health. He was scared while being unable to prevent his daughter from participating in Holi.

Under these circumstances, the man decided to give her daughter something that would keep her safe while also allowing her to have fun!

So finally, as a result of such immense care and love for her daughter, an organic Holi colour brand was born: Jhilmil Colours

The main motto behind such an invention was "Safe Holi Celebration!"

It is not only a simple example of father-daughter love and care; Jhilmil Colours has created an indelible mark on the world’s father-daughter love bond.

Beyond Father Daughter Love: Another Inspiring Thought Behind Jhilmil 

Not only for his daughter, the man also noticed that nowadays Indians are looking for premium and natural colours for every festive celebration. Thus, he decided to solve all the concerns by launching a totally Organic Holi Colour brand- Jhilmil Colours that not only extends to Holi but also to all Indian festivals! 

Jhilmil offers a wide variety of Holi Colours that are 100% organic and non-toxic and eco-friendly and safe for all ages. In addition, Jhilmil provides the opportunity to add an extra spark to every event through their vibrant Royal Holi Colour range, which is ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) certified, smooth in texture, and skin friendly.

From deep purples to neon blues, from sunny oranges to greens, the array of Jhilmil’s premium colours bring a life to every festive celebration. Whether it is Holi, Diwali or any wedding events or marriage anniversaries or birthday parties all of you can go for a blast of Jhilmil’s colourful hues without any worries of allergic reactions to create unforgettable memories! 

It should be mentioned that the idea behind the invention of Jhilmil is not only to showcase the love, concern and care for human beings but also to showcase the gesture of kindness to Mother Earth! 

Jhilmil Royal Signature Colour is one of the best examples of eco-friendly Holi colours that are biodegradable and safe for the environment!  


Jhilmil has emerged as a sign of unconditional father-daughter love, but in a broader sense the vision of Jhilmil was to ensure safe Holi celebration for the people of our country. Not only in Holi, nowadays Jhilmil colours have gradually become the part and parcel of every festive celebration of Indian people to fulfil their lives with love, peace and happiness.