Don’t Get Duped: Tips To Choose Genuine Holi Colours

Hey, everyone, how many days are left for the joyous festival of Holi? It’s not so far! The festival of colours and celebration is almost here.

So, have you started your planning to make the day more bright and unforgettable? Obviously, you are doing so!

For a festival that revolves around colours, it is important to choose vibrant yet genuine colours to ensure the safest and most colourful celebration ever!

Genuine Holi Colours
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Choosing the right Holi colours for yourself can be quite an important decision since the impact it has on your Holi experience. But how do you choose between a vast selection of colours, so as to make your Holi look merry and colourful?

Read the blog and start finding the perfect Holi colours!

Holi Tips And Tricks! How To Choose Perfect Colour For Your Holi Celebration?

Nowadays, with so many options available, choosing a genuine colour can be difficult. But don’t be fooled or duped at the time of choosing the right colours ! After all, to ensure joy and happiness, it is important to be mindful in terms of choosing colours to protect your friends, family members, or loved ones from any harmful health issues.
But how do you make sure to be protected from any harmful effects?

Here are five tips to make sure to make your Holi celebration fun and safe! 

1. Always Check The Label Before Buying

Whenever you go out to purchase the Holi colours, don’t forget to check any details printed on the packet that certifies whether it is safe or harmless. Mostly genuine companies put their logos and specifications on their packaging. It will also tell you about its non-toxic and harmless nature.

Certified organic holi colours

2. Know Where You Are Buying From

If you are buying online, be sure to double check the online seller. Don’t take any chances and only purchase from trustworthy sites or those recommended by your friends and family. As for physical stores make sure to ask for Holi colours from an experienced and knowledgeable vendor. It should be mentioned that always stay away from stalls selling synthetic and chemical laden colours.

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3. Don’t Forget To Do A Skin Test Or Water Test

To know whether the Holi colour is genuine or not just do a skin test before buying. If the colour is completely natural, then it is easily washed off with water without leaving a strain. In addition, you can also go for a water test and mix the small amount of colour in water, if the colour is completely dissolved then it is surely a natural colour.

Skin friendly holi colours

4. Don’t Get Duped With Exciting And Attractive Offers

Beware of offers and discounts that look too good to be true when shopping for Holi colours! Most of the time it is found that these offers and discounts are only provided to attract the buyers and sell the low-cost, fake or bad quality products. So, don’t let your festive spirit be taken advantage of with discount schemes and offers. Be a smart shopper this Holi!

5. Beware Of Harmful Effects Of Chemical Holi Colours On Skin And Opt For Organic Holi Colours

And last but not the least, beware of the effects of chemical and synthetic Holi colours on your skin and eyes. The chemical Holi colours may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, eye infections and many more health issues. Thus, to protect yourself and your family it is always better to buy Organic Holi colours and always go for the colours that contains the following labels:
● Skin Friendly
● Non-Toxic
● Free From Heavy Metals
● Safe For Skin And Eyes
● Stain Free
● Biodegradable

Chemical free gulal for holi
So, what do you think? Aren't these tips helpful for you? Hopefully Yes!

But, still you may be wondering about the perfect place to buy genuine Holi colours!

Don’t worry!

Now, Jhilmil has come up with a wide range of vibrant organic colours for Holi to make your day more special! It is one of the best destinations for natural Holi colours in India. From heavenly blue to bright yellow or red every vibrant colour is 100% natural, skin friendly and safe for eyes!

So, what to wait for? Let’s try to add a touch of Jhilmil Holi colours and ensure the safest Holi ever!

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