Revitalising Childhood Memories: A Nostalgic Holi Celebration With Jhilmil

Knock Knock Knock! It’s Holi at your door!

What are you doing? Let’s forget about everything! Just go back to your childhood days and take a deep dive into nostalgia!

You may agree with one thing: Holi is one of the most vibrant and joyous festivals of India that has the ability to turn us all into kids! It’s a festival of vibrant colours that truly symbolises the renewal of life, unity, and love.

What do you think? Doesn't the festival have an irresistible charm that makes us nostalgic? Of course it has!

So, this year, why don’t you make Holi even more special by giving your nostalgia a refresh?

How is it if you start your Holi morning by remembering the stories of such auspicious festivals that you may have heard from your grandmother or grandfather?

Unable to remember the inspiring Holi story? Don’t worry!

Let’s remember the story of Holi celebration with us! 

Revitalising Childhood Holi Memories
Holi is one of the oldest yet most significant festivals in India and has been celebrated for a long time. Traditionally, Holi in India is observed to celebrate the victory of Vishnu (one of the principal deities of Hinduism) over Hiranyakashipu (the demon king from puranic Hinduism).

The festival also celebrates the eternal love of Radha Krishna, so it is also regarded as Radha Krishna Holi.

Holi is also called Holika Dahan in some parts of India, which also celebrates good over evil by lighting a bonfire. The people of northern India specifically start their Holi with such an event to pray for a prosperous and joyful year ahead!

Do you remember now? Hopefully Yes!

But don’t stop at memorising the Holi story; reach out to your neighbours or childhood friends and recreate your childhood days by organising an exciting Holi party!

Dress yourself up in a funky Holi outfit, put a vibrant Holi gulal in your hand, turn the music on, and let’s have fun like in your childhood days.

And, when Jhilmil is with you, don’t just put the colours on your face; rather, drench yourself in coloured water! Because, with the organic Holi gulal, Jhilmil is giving you the opportunity to enjoy the safest Holi ever without worrying about your health!

Celebrate holi with Jhilmil Organic ColoursThus, it’s the opportunity for you to get your childhood vibe back!

Besides, to have more fun, you can also organise a classic tambourine game or water balloon fight! Who can forget such thrilling games that you all played as kids!

So, what do you think? Isn’t it a great way to revitalise your childhood energy? Obviously it is!

Moreover, you can set up a tent in the corner of your backyard and stock it up with some delicious and mouth-watering sweets and drinks for a little respite after an intense session of celebrations.

We are sure that if you throw such a nostalgic Holi celebration, everyone around you will feel the enthusiasm and happiness that childhood memories bring, and everyone will have a blast, the same way they did years ago!

Jhilmil Colours


Holi is such a fun festival! All the splashing of colours, fun activities and games, sweet and savoury delicacies—it’s something to look forward to each year. But what truly makes this festival so special are the cherished childhood memories of playing Holi.

It's a beautiful feeling to come back to the joy and simplicity of the past, if even for a day, and celebrate Holi like we did in our childhood.

That's why let's go back to the good old days of enjoying this wonderful festival and make this Holi unforgettable with Jhilmil!

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