Using Colour Psychology To Improve Mental Health

With the arrival of the spring the whole world beautifies itself with colourful blossoms, the grass transforms into a rolling tapestry of greens, every corner of nature holds something new and vibrant for you to enjoy and explore.

On the other hand we welcome the Winter with a feeling of boredom and drowsiness, the overcast skies, the forsty landscape, the bare trees- everything seems dull and lacklustre!

Moreover, you may be noticed that with a colourful decoration of your home or freshening the wardrobe with bright coloured dresses somehow uplift your mood. Isn’t it?

But have you ever thought why you feel energised in Spring or feel joyous with the colourful addition to your home?

You might be surprised to find out that there’s actually a science behind it and it is Colour Psychology!

Let’s continue reading and explore the amazing impacts of colours around us|

Discovering The Power Of Colour Psychology On Mental Wellbeing

Colour Psychology is the study of how different shades of colours affect human moods and behaviours. From calming blue to relaxing green, all the colours are known to evoke different feelings and states of mind.

Now, you may be eagerly waiting to know the effects of different colours in creating different psychological responses.

So let’s go ahead with us!

Be Mesmerised: How Colours Affect Your Mood?

1 Brighten Your Life With Psychological Benefits Of Yellow Colour

A burst of sunshine- that yellow symbolises! It evokes a sense of joy, happiness and positivity. The concept behind it -yellow colour psychology! When life seems grey and dull a little touch of yellow can instantly uplift your mood. It radiates optimism and encouragement, making you feel energised to take on the world.

2 Feel More Enthusiastic With The Colour Red

Red is a vibrant, energising colour that evokes strong emotions. It stands out and is sure to capture your attention, stirring feelings of enthusiasm, courage and confidence. In red colour psychology it is linked to desire, passion and even love and anger.

3 Exploring The Calming Effects Of Colour Blue

When you are wearing a blue coloured dress or home decor with some blue decorations maybe you feel a relaxed vibe. Yes, it’s a psychological effect of blue colour that is often associated with calmness, stability and loyalty.

4 The Power Of Green To Enhance Focus And Productivity

Feel refreshed with the different green shades! The colour symbolises freshness, growth and harmony while also encourgaes creativity and giving us hope and optimism. By welcoming the colour green into your life, you can reconnect with nature and find a sense of peace and renewal.

Hopefully you are now a little bit clear that colours can have immense power to control our emotions, from providing calming comfort to creating a sense of joy and vibrancy.

Do You Know These Wide Variety Of Colours Can Be Used As A Therapy?

There is a concept of Colour Therapy that is basically a method of healing different mental problems such as depression, anxiety with the help of different shades of colours.

Let’s see how it works!

Colour Therapy For Depression

Are you going through depression and at the same time don’t want to take the depression pills thinking of their side effects? Let’s take colour therapy, an easiest and effective way to heal your problems. Bright and vivid colours such as blue and purple help to relax your mind whereas bright and cheery colours like yellow or orange enhance the sense of positivity and enthusiasm and ultimately help you to come out from a low state of mind.

Adding a splash of these vibrant colours in the form of paintings, prints, clothing or simply incorporating it to your living spaces can help to improve your mood.
  • Colour Therapy For Anxiety

When it comes to mental health Anxiety has become a very prominent issue nowadays. If you are suffering from severe anxiety let’s bid a goodbye to it by incorporating some vibrant colours to your life. Whether dressing yourself up with calming blues or planting more trees in your balcony to welcome the eye's soothing green colour- all these will be an effective way to reduce your stress and anxiety.

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Taking the time to find the right shades that bring out the best in you can go a long way in boosting your mental wellbeing and productivity. Whether it’s blue to help you relax, yellow to motivate you, or green to bring out your creative side, experimenting with different colours can help you create the life you desire!